Music Submission

We Want Your Music!

An important part of the QC3º Radio mission is promoting local artists, and traveling acts playing in our area, by playing their music in advance of their shows, album releases, and promoting the events in our community. All we need from you is your music to serve that purpose!

Please fill out the submission form as completely as possible. We will create an entry in our local band archive on our webpage for artists that are based out of our community area (80 mile radius of the Quad Cities).

Thanks for submitting your music!

Upload files
Upload Directory: uploads


Note: Music submitted to QC3º Radio is only streamed and will not be made available for download or re-distribution.

  • All music and content submitted must be your original content. (Sorry, no covers, remixes, sampled music are allowed.) You must be the copyright holder and creator.
  • All music files must be in MP3 file format.
  • Music files must have at least the ARTIST and SONG TITLE ID3 fields filled in correctly.  We will not adjust or correct them. Some of our applications will show this information when your music is played.
  • Music levels, EQ, and overall recording quality should of good quality.
  • Songs over six (6) minutes long are more likely to not be played.
  • Live recordings must have the excessive crowd noise and talking removed.